Alpha Industries - Sage Green Injector III - Aviator Jacket


Product Description

Alpha Industries Sage Green Injector III Aviator Jacket 
The Injector III, an aviator jacket designed specifically for the adverse weather conditions fighter pilots face. The outer fabric is 100% rugged nylon that protects you from wind and rain. The lining provides excellent insulation, keeping the warmth where it needs to be. The two front pockets can be closed with a zipper - after all, you don't want to suddenly have your iPhone in your face while flying loops. The cuffs at the sleeves and the waistband at the hips are tightly sewn and promote the tight fit of the jacket. The real star of the jacket, however, is the sheepskin collar. The incredibly soft fur keeps your neck nice and warm. Come to think of it, maybe the Injector III is your new best friend.


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