Mr B's Soulful Tees x Modfather Exclusive - White 'This is the Modern World' - T-Shirt


Mr B's Soulful Tees x Modfather Clothing 'This is the Modern World' T-Shirt

One of the nice things about having Nicky Weller working around the Camden shop is that we get to hear interesting stories from her background working around The Jam and The Style Council. 

This November, it's 44 years since the release of The Jam’s second album 'This is the Modern World'. 

Although the band are known for their clean mod aesthetic, on the cover of this iconic album, Paul can be seen wearing a cream wool jumper, which with the application of some ‘gaffer tape’ on the morning of the shoot shows a now iconic double arrow design.

A DIY style adaptation very much in keeping with the punk ethos of the era, but a pop art statement showing the audience that the Jam were headed in a very different direction to many of their contemporaries. 

The image of the badge is the original that Paul wore on the album cover, which Nicky still has (it's not included with the t-shirt unfortunately).