Dents - Women’s Jacquard Dogtooth Pattern Knitted - Gloves


Stay in style season after season with our dogtooth knitted gloves. This traditional pattern of broken checks is never out of fashion, a timeless gem that is still much loved almost 100 years since it first became popular. And we think it works wonderfully well as a pattern for knitted gloves, adding instant panache to winter weather dressing. Our dogtooth design can be enjoyed in a vibrant range of colour combinations, from the traditional black and white to punchy shades of red and pink to suit your look. And with our snug lining of super-soft yarn, these winter gloves are sure to keep hands toasty in cold weather. Cosy, comfortable and classic.

  • Dogtooth pattern brings ageless elegance
  • Cosy material is a great insulator to trap heat
  • Lined with their signature soft sponge yarn for super-soft comfort and cosy warmth
  • Finished with a ribbed cuff for a secure fit
  • Gloves measure above the wrist - ideal with three-quarter length sleeves
  • Gloves have a casual fit - this is our roomiest and most generously cut glove, it offers maximum comfort and works well with casual clothing
  • One size for a universally comfortable fit that easily comes on and off

Made from 80% acrylic, 20% nylon. Lining made from 100% nylon.

Hand wash only.